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If your company purchases lubricants for use in your company vehicles or equipment, you may qualify as an Amsoil Commercial Account. The Amsoil Commercial Account enables you to purchase Amsoil Products at wholesale commercial prices, about 40% off retail price, for use in your business vehicles or equipment. An application form must be completed and when your business is approved, you can purchase products directly from Amsoil Inc. using a Commercial Account Number assigned to you. AMSOIL Inc. also extends credit to businesses that apply after a credit reference approval.

Your company will benefit by using Amsoil Lubricants in the following ways:
Know the facts! AMSOIL will save you money.

Superior Wear Protection
Decreased Fuel Consumption
Reduced Oil Usage
Less Downtime
Improved Productivity
Save Money By Reducing Overall Operating Costs

Volume Discount Program

This discount is based on the total gross purchases (cumulative) during the past twelve months or the order that you are placing, whichever is higher.

 0% on orders to $749
 2% on orders of $750 to $3,499
 4% on orders of $3500 to $6499
 6% on orders of $6500 to $9,999
 8% on orders of %10,000 to $14,999
10% on orders of $15,000 or more

Freight Discounts

50% freight discount on orders $3000 to $5,999
Free freight on orders of $6000 or more

Note: The Amsoil Commercial Account is available only in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand.


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