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AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Motor Oils exceed the lubrication requirements of all modern automobile engines. It provides tough lubricating protection in the most demanding operating conditions. AMSOIL resists high temperature degradation and flows freely in cold conditions for superior protection against engine wear. AMSOIL also provides maximum power and improved fuel efficiency.


Conventional motor oils tend to 'boil off' in high temperatures. Losing up to 25 percent of their original weight in high temperature service, vaporized oils grow thick and heavy. They circulate poorly, reduce fuel efficiency and contribute to excessive emissions and engine wear. Of course, oil consumption skyrockets as oil boils off.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil is highly resistant to vaporization, losing only six percent of its weight in high temperature service. In fact, AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil resists vaporization so well, it passes rigorous European standards, set at 13 percent weight loss in high temperature testing. In the engine, AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil's superior vaporization resistance keeps fuel economy high; oil circulation efficient; and oil consumption, emissions, and most importantly, engine wear, to a minimum. Be sure to order your



The shearing forces generated inside today's smaller, high RPM automobile engines can literally tear apart the molecules of conventional oils. AMSOIL, because of its unique synthetic construction, withstands shearing forces. AMSOIL doesn't thin out and lose viscosity like conventional oils do. AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil surpasses the North American AAMA, Japanese JASO and European ACEA oil specifications for high temperature/high shear viscosity. AMSOIL delivers long-lasting  protection to prevent wear under the hottest and heaviest-loaded conditions.


AMSOIL resists oil breakdown from heat, blowby chemicals and oxygen longer than do conventional oils. AMSOIL resists forming varnish deposits and sludge. It doesn't thicken like petroleum oils, but continues to cool and lubricate, providing peak engine performance, power and protection. In addition, the advanced heat transfer capabilities and high lubricity of AMSOIL  keeps engines, transmissions and gear boxes running in their optimal temperature range, for top perfomance and long life.


AMSOIL remains fluid at temperatures as low as -60F (-51C) so it permits easy engine cranking for fast starts. During sub-zero temperatures, it flows to all parts of the engine in much less time than conventional petroleum oils take, which greatly reduces the rate of wear and increases engine life


Because AMSOIL'S synthetic formulation resists oxidation so well, it runs naturally cleaner than conven-tional oils. AMSOIL has a superior detergent/dispersant additive package that, when tested after tens of thousands of miles of use in the crankcase, still exhibits outstanding deposit control.


AMSOIL contains powerful rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect iron parts and bearing materials.


Due to its superior synthetic composition and advanced performance additives, AMSOIL performs much longer than do conventional petroleum and other synthetic motor oils. No other major oil manufacturer matches AMSOIL's 25,000-mile or one-year drain interval recommendations. 35,000 miles for Series 2000 0W-30.



AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to provide maximum benefits in gasoline-fueled engines. It meets or exceeds the following specifications.

     API SH, SJ, CF
     ILSAL GF-1, GF-2
     Chrysler  MS 6395 F
     Ford  WSS M2C-153E
     GM  4718-M
     VW  500.00, 501.01, 505.00
     Mercedes Benz AG 226.1


AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil is compatible with conventional petroleum oils; however, mixingAMSOIL with a conventional oil will shorten the drain period of AMSOIL. Engine oil additives or after-market products are not recommended for use with AMSOIL.


The use of AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil will not void new vehicle warranties. New vehicle warranties are based on the use of oils meeting specific API service classifications and SAE viscosity grades. AMSOIL 100% Synthetic meets the current API and SAE requirements (as labeled) and is perfectly suited for use in any new vehicle stipulating those requirements in its owner's manual.


Personal cars and light-duty trucks with non-turbo-charged gasoline engines: drain oil at 25,000-mile or one-year intervals, whichever comes first.

Turbocharged gasoline engines, motorcycles, ATVs, marine craft and occasionally used gasoline engines: drain oil at intervals up to three times as long as the intervals recommended by the engine manufacturer or one year, whichever comes first.

High performance and racing engines: drain oil according to the findings of used oil analysis.

Light-duty and non-turbocharged diesel engines: drain oil at intervals up to twice as long as the intervals recommended by the engine manufacturer, if the findings of a used oil analysis program support extended drain intervals, or six months.

Fleet and industrial engines: Drain oil at intervals up to three times as long as the intervals recommended by the engine manufacturer, if the findings of a used oil analysis program support the extended drain intervals, or one year.

If the vehicle is equipped with an AMSOIL Oil Filter, the filter should be changed at12,500-mile or six-month intervals (whichever comes first) in gasoline engines and 7000-mile or six-month intervals (whichever comes first) in diesel engines. Non-AMSOIL oil filters should be changed at the engine manufacturer's recommended filter change intervals.

Changing to AMSOIL Engine Oil

New Engine: Break in the engine  with petroleum oil for about 6,000 miles. Drain the oil; replace the filter with  an AMSOIL synthetic-rated filter and fill with AMSOIL.

New Vehicle Warranty: AMSOIL Motor Oil meets manufacturers warranty requirements for the stated API service rating. If the owner prefers, the AMSOIL can be changed at the manufacturer's recommended intervals.

Older Engine: Flush the engine with AMSOIL Engine Flush. Drain the oil; replace the filter with a AMSOIL filter and fill with AMSOIL.

Service Life: Replace the AMSOIL after 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. Change the oil filter twice in that period, and in dusty climates, both should be changed more often. Using an excellent air filter is equally important.


AMSOIL INC. warrants that the use of its products will not cause mechanical damage to any mechanically sound equipment when AMSOIL INC. products are used in full compliance with AMSOIL INC. recommendations.

Unbeatable Filtration

AMSOIL Air Filters- Superior dirt contaminant and air flow make AMSOIL foam air filters the best choice for wear control and performance, especially off-road. Convenient and cost effective, AMSOIL air filters are reusable. Filters dirt down to 1 micron.

AMSOIL Oil Filters- Featuring a unique, rugged, cellulose and synthetic glass fiber element, AMSOIL full Flow Oil Filters provide 35 percent more filtering capacity and 30 percent longer life than conventional oil filters. Amsoil oil filters filter 4 times smaller particles than conventional oil filters down to 5 microns, conventional oil filters filter to only 20 microns.

By-Pass Oil Filter- The AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter enhances oil and engine life by keeping oil analytically clean. Even the water and ultra fine particles that escape conventional oil filters are no match for the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter. The By-Pass oil filter will filter oil to 1/10 of a micron.

AMSOIL Gear Lubes

AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes deliver the rugged protection differentials and manual transmissions need.

Power and fuel economy - Low friction AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes maximize power output and minimize heat build-up. They lose less energy to friction than other lubes do. With AMSOIL, fuel energy is used for maximum power and top fuel economy.

Load protection - AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes bear the brunt of high-load stress so gears don't. AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes' naturally high film strength and tough extreme pressure agents shield components from premature wear.

All-season performance - High viscosity index AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes flow readily in low temperatures and provide outstanding protection in high temps. Your vehicle will enjoy both smooth shifting and tough, dependable protection in all conditions.

Clean running - Stable even in extreme heat, AMSOIL synthetic gear lubes resist oxidation and thermal breakdown, helping gears stay free of sludge and other deposits.

 P.I. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive

Ideal for both fuel injected and carbureted systems. Dissolves and removes fuel system deposits and other contaminants for improved power and overall performance in gasoline engines. Reduces PCV and EGR system deposits. Reduces exhaust emissions (tests show up to 90 percent reduction). Improves engine idle, fuel economy, response and starting.

An initial clean-up dose of six ounces for ten gallons of gasoline restores up to 95 percent of an injector's original fuel flow. Periodic maintenance doses of one ounce for ten gallons of gasoline keep injectors and other fuel system components clean.

Performance Features

Cleans fuel injectors, intake valves and carburetors
Dissolves carbon and varnish deposits
Contains properties to control rust and friction
Reduces exhaust emissions
Increases fuel economy


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