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Whether you're a car owner looking for premium synthetic lubricants, a business owner looking to add a successful product line to your shelves or a fleet owner looking to cut your operating expenses, we hope you'll find everything you're looking for here.

Diesel Oils


AMSOIL Synthetic Blend Diesel Oils are a modern blend of high performance synthetic base stocks, natural base stocks, and advanced additives that provides outstanding performance and protection over extended drain intervals in light and heavy-duty diesel engines.

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil is a super heavy-duty diesel lubricant chemically designed for use in commercial and industrial applications where requirements call for a CF, CF-2 or SH lubricant.
AMSOIL Diesel Oil is recommended for virtually every diesel application, including truck fleets, mining, earth moving, farming and stationary engines.  The extended drain intervals allowable with AMSOIL Diesel Oil reduce vehicle downtime and waste oil disposal costs.


AMSOIL Series 3000 Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil is a premium quality all fleet lubricant, specifically designed for use in commercial, industrial and fleet applications requiring diesel specifications CF, CF-2, CG-4, and CH-4 and API SH, SJ gasoline engine lubrication requirements.


AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil combines the superior lubricity and performance capabilities of a premium synthetic lubricant with special rust and corrosion inhibitors. AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil is recommended for engines used in marine applications, as well as diesel engines used in trucks, fleets, mining, earth moving, construction and farm equipment. Other applications include taxi and local delivery fleets with gasoline or diesel engines. With its extended drain intervals, AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil reduces maintenance costs, downtime and the cost of waste oil disposal.


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